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Nordica 20 - Delivery Trip - Whitby via the Trent/Severn Canal.

After having purchased the Nordica 20, I never did give it a name, I needed to make a decision on how to her her to Whitby.  I could truck her or I could motor her down the Trent/Severn Canal.  The Trent/Severn Canal connects Lake Ontario at Trent to Port Severn on Georgian Bay.
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The decision was made to deliver the boat trip via the Trent/Severn during our vacation.  So off we went, the three of us, my ladyfriend, our dog, Loki, and myself.  I had bought the charts and we were going to buy a two week pass for the waterway as we thought we could do it in a fortnight. 

Penetanguishene to Waubashene

The first leg of the trip was to sail from Penetanguishene to Port Severn.  The trip out of Penetanguishne There is a bridge just before Port Severn and the chart showed that we would have a foot to spare but when we got there it looked way to close for my liking so I detoured to Waubashene where there is a small marina that caters mainly to fishermen. 



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