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Venture of Newport 23

I tend to learn by trial and error.  I wanted to go cruising and I wanted some comfort so bigger had to be better, right.

Whitby, Ontario has both a yachtclub and a marina and back in '86 -'87 it also had a chandlery, Neptune Marine, which also sold boats.  When I bought the Siren 17 in Owen Sound there was also a Venture of Newport for sale at the time but a) I did not think I could afford it and b) it was to big.  I go forward by small increments and not just in boats. 

Neptune Marine had a Venture of Newport for sale that needed TLC!  I bought it in the fall and when I wanted to insure it I had to get a survey done.  By the time the surveyor came it was winter and I had thought that things were okay.  No - the water had gotten into the boat via the hatches and it had frozen.  It also was missing most if not all of the safety equipment.

Manufacturer's Brochures

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