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Siren 17

Siren 17- Brochure

Siren 17- Brochure

Siren 17 - Sailing

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Photo by Dr. Judy Blumhorst




Draft Up

Draft Dn.



Sail Area


17' 2"

6' 8"


4' 3"

750 lbs.

130 lbs. 145 sq. ft 2

Photos by Bernard Brooks Jr.

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Siren_17_tr.JPG (202918 bytes)

I bought my Siren 17 up in Owen Sound while vacationing on the Bruce Peninsula.  I had been sailing my Fennec but two-foot itis set in and I just had to have a bigger boat.  I must have seen an ad or something, don't remember, and met the owner on a sunny and breezy day for a sea trial of his Siren 17.  The boat was docked at either the Owen Sound Yacht club or the marina and so off we sailed into big beautiful Owen Sound bay. 

It was a fabulous sail and I loved it and bought the boat.  As I had mentioned earlier the owner took the Fennec minus mast and sails as he wanted a towing dinghy.  In retrospect I think the price was lowered by two hundred dollars and in essence, as I found out later, the Fennec was scuttled. 

I trailered her back to Montréal and kept her at Lac St. Francois which is part of the St. Lawrence.  Eventually we moved to Whitby, Ontario and the Siren 17 was kept at the marina in Bowmanville and I trailered her up to the Bruce Peninsula for vacation. 

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