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Bon Vivant - C&C Redwing 30

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LWL Beam Draft Displ. Ballast Sail Area

30' 3.5"

21' 9" 8' 9.5" 4' 6" 7458 lbs. 3630 lbs. 403.75 sq. ft
The Redwing 30 is a C&C design which was commissioned and built by George Hinterhoeller.  It has a low profile coachroof even though it has 6' standing room.  

I thought the layout was good with the galley on the starboard side and good sized quarterberth adjoining.  

The access to the engine was excellent via lifting the companion steps and also via a removable panel from the quarterberth.  

The narrow beam meant that there was little "moving around" space below, especially when cooking.  I would have preferred a deeper keel for a 30 foot boat but the boat was designed, I think, to the Cruising Club of America (CCA) rule.  

It usually had an Atomic IV inboard engine which is capable of driving the boat at hull speed on flat water and between 4 to 5 knots going against wind and waves.  


How not to buy a boat
My broker phoned me up in January of 1994 or maybe we met at the Toronto Boat Show and he told me that he had this Redwing 30 for sale and that he would take my Redline 25 as trade. 

I told him that I was happy with my boat and had just moved into a new position at work and besides companies were downsizing and job security was a thing of the past. I had some real doubts as to the wisdom of buying a bigger boat and borrowing $10K to do it with.
He phoned in February and reminded me that the Redwing 30, Bon Vivant, was still for sale. My answer was the same – I was happy with my boat. Got another phone call in March: “Hey Peter, the boat is still available”. My answer: “I hear you, but I don’t think I should buy a boat”.

April comes around and yes – another phone call from the broker about this Redwing 30 for sale! 

Funnily enough I had seen an ad for a Redwing 30 in 1993 and had briefly inspected it, on one of my many trips to Montréal, as it was located near Rockport, on the Thousand Island Parkway. The Redwing 30 had somehow gotten hold of my imagination and I had already made up my mind that I would like a Redwing 30. It was just not the right time!  

This time the broker talked me into at least seeing the boat. It was docked at the Island Yacht Club and I all I had to do was just take the Island Yacht tender across – easy!
So I went and looked! 

First impressions:
It had headsail roller-furling, a North Sail “furl-in-the-mast” mainsail contraption (sorry North Sail), a dodger, standing head-room, an inboard engine, the cabin was nicely finished in wood, standing headroom, lots of storage, very nice looking boat

Talked a friend of mine, Bruce, into coming along for a second look. His initial comment was similar to the one I had used on myself: “Peter, you have a boat – you don’t need one.” 

I had seen a doctor because I was stressed out about work. Downsizing had just started and life at work was tough. His advice was: I should either quit my job or get involved with something new. I choose to start something new. A couple of years ago I told him that I had had bought a boat on his advice. He started to laugh and told me that lots of his patients follow his advice and do "new" stuff. He is quite amazed at that. I think it is all about following doctor’s orders and all that. When I visit him now he asks me how my boat adventure is coming and we have a good chuckle.

I decided to buy it against my better judgement. Went to the Bank, I was employed by a bank and borrowed the entire sum, $10K plus another $2K to buy a GPS and cover incidentals such as charts.

I had decided that if I bought the boat I would sail it to what was going to be its homeport, Lion’s Head.  This meant crossing Lake Ontario, go through the Welland Canal, crossing entire length of Lake Erie, up the St. Clair river to Sarnia, sail north on Lake Huron to Tobermory and then go around the top of the Bruce Peninsula into Georgian Bay and down to Lion’s Head.  Read about the delivery trip under sailing trips - "delivery_bv".

Link to Pegasus, another Redwing 30

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