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Pieces of Eight - C&C Redline 25

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My first encounter with a C&C Redline 25 was in 1986 but at that time, I thought it was to much money and to big.  I wanted a boat on a trailer.  So after buying a MacGregor Venture of Newport 23, a Nordica 16, and a Nordica 20, I was finally convinced, that I wanted a boat that I could stand up, sort of.  

Also I wanted a boat that could point and go upwind in 15 knots and 4-6 foot waves.   The Redline 25 does this well plus it allows for gunk-holing as it has a  keel/centerboard configuration and only draws 2' 6" with the centerboard up.

I used to go boat hunting.  Drive around and just look.  One of my favourite places was and still is the Midland & Penetanguishene area in Ontario. 

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