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Nordica 20

I liked the Nordica 16 so much I went looking for a Nordica 20.  I found one up in Penetanguishene, Ontario.  They wanted $4,500 for it and it came with a Mercury 7.5 outboard, roller-furling and looked in good shape. 

Since I live in Whitby and the boat was in Penetanguishene I had a choice of either trucking or sailing it to Whitby.  If sailing I could go via the Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Welland Canal and then Lake Ontario or I could go via the Trent/Severn Canal system which is what I did.  

The Nordica 20 is a very stable boat and since it has a full keel it tracks well.  I could adjust the tiller with bungee cords and she would just sail along without my help,  She sailed well on all points of sail except close-hauled in wind and 6 - 8 foot waves.  This probably was a function of roller furling cruising headsail and a cruising mainsail.  

On one of my sails I sailed on a broad reach from Whitby to Pickering and it was blowing around 15 knots or so.  After getting close to Pickering I decided I would like to go back to Whitby as it was getting to be late afternoon.  I tacked the boat into the wind and tried to beat back to Whitby.  This was not going to happen.  Every time we hit a big wave the boat would stop dead in its tracks.  I was racing the smokestack on the Pickering shore and it was winning.  

It was an easy decision to just head back on a broad reach and head into Pickering.  My dog was very happy.  We docked the boat for the night and got my significant other to pick us up.  Next day it was calm and we motored back.  Easy!

Unfortunately I don't have pictures but there is a web site dedicated to Nordica boats and if you click on the URL below you will be directed to it.


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