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Nordica 16
After I sold the Venture of Newport 23 I was having withdrawal symptoms.   I needed a boat and this one was going to be small, easy to rig, on a trailer and just for fun, similarly to the Fennec.  I found myself a Nordica 16.  It had a small 2 H.P. outboard, three good sails, jib, genoa, main and the owner had installed a jib/genoa track to properly control sheeting angles of the jib or genoa.  The genoa and the sailtrack was a big performance booster for light air and going upwind.

It was a super boat to sail.  I went out in all kinds of weather or so it seemed at the time, probably never more than 15 knots.  

The Nordica 16 is a full keel boat and it needs wind to get going but it is very stable and very safe.  Interior space is limited.  It sleeps two but I would think one person and his gear would be all that could be accommodated.  







Sail Area

16 13' 1" 6' 2" 1' 8" 925 lbs 420 lbs. 130 sq. ft.

Nordica 16 on a Trailer

Nordica 16 Sailing

Nordica 16 - launch

Nordica_16_trailer.JPG (56254 bytes)

Nordica 16 sailing.JPG (13709 bytes)

Nordica 16 Launch.jpg (67406 bytes)

The boat in the pictures belonged to a friend of mine and the pictures are his. His website is: http://my.drytel.net/rskene/

I sailed my Nordica 16, which was also red out of the Whitby marina.

Whitby Marina

I had a slip closest to shore on the last dock.  Since then the marina  has added another dock.  Once in very light air I sailed into the harbour, down along the row of docks, turned down into my passage between my long finger dock and shore and sailed right into my slip.   I was quite proud of myself.  

I thouroughly enjoyed sailing this boat and am very nostalgic about it.  Every once in a while I get the urge to go out and buy one.  I have been suffering from two foot-itis and when I start downsizing my last boat may just be a Nordica 16.  

As mentioned earlier the owner had installed a sailtrack to achieve better sheeting angles and I was very pleased with its performance.  It did not have roller-furling and going up to the front and changing headsails because the wind had piped up was quite the experience.  No lifelines, no jacklines, no lifejacket.  Very silly of me but at the time I still thought I was invincible.   

I had a couple of memorable sails with it.  One day, bright sunny, a fresh breeze, I headed out into Lake Ontario on beam  reach towards the U.S. side.  It was just glorious - bright sunshine, the waves glittered from the reflection of the sun and the superb breeze I could have sailed on and on.  In fact the smoke from a smokestack on the U.S. side got closer but it would take hours and hours and when I got there then what.  So after several hours of sailing I turned her around and headed back home but I still see this beautiful picture any time I want.  

Another time I was sailing along and a fellow sailor in an O'Day 22 tried to catch up to me and could not.  It was a breezy day and I was having fun and by rights, him having the longer waterline, he should have caught me but did not.  I eventually slowed down.  He was quite amazed that I could outrun him and actually, so was I.  

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