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My first sailboat was a Fennec, a French made dinghy that found its way to Montreal, Quebec where I bought it.  It came on a trailer and had a jib a main sail.  It was made out of fiberglass and had a 2 section aluminum mast because it was designed to be carried on the roof-rack of a car. 

Her LOA is 12.24 feet.  The beam is 4.75 feet. Sail area is 92.5 ft2.

She sailed well and taught me to sail as it had no outboard and non could be mounted. Only once did I need a tow back from a nice power boater.

When I bought it it had no main sheet purchase arrangement  and I used to get sore hands from trying to control the main.  Basically I was holding the main with no advantage which was really hard on the hands when the wind piped up.  That is how little I knew about sailing and sailing boats.

At one stage it needed  minor repairs and while that was being done in a marine store in Kingston I mentioned that my hands were sore from controlling the main. It was suggested that I should put in a traveler arrangement on the stern, as in the picture, and then use a locking ratchet block so that it could assist in controlling the main sheet. That arrangement worked well. My first lesson on how to improve boats and the quality of sailing.

At the time I owned the Fennec, late '70's I lived in Montreal and would take it out on Lac St. Louis. Other places I sailed with it was out of Ivy Lea, Ontario and Howdenvale, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

The best sailing was out of Howdenvale.  

Howdenvale and its islands

I would sail out to Beament Island and every once in a while I would venture out past Beament Island but I thought that was pushing it as Beament Island is about 3 miles and once you are out past the island you are in the open waters of Lake Huron.  If the weather turned it could be quite a battle getting back and again at best I may have had a lifejacket.

I traded it in on a Siren 17 and the new owner wanted it for a towing dinghy.  For all of the money I got for it I should have kept it.   You live and learn.

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If anyone has a picture and specifications more specifications on the FennecI would like to hear from them.

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