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Unknown Plywood Hard Chine Dinghy


My first boat, a joint venture between a buddy and I, was a dinghy made from plywood.  I don't remember the make or very much about it but I learned how to sail on it.  It had a jib and a main and I think the overall length was around 14 feet.  

We kept the boat was on a mooring buoy in the midst of other mooring buoys with other dinghies tethered to them on the Alster, a lake in the middle of Hamburg, Germany.  

Picture of Alster #1

Picture of Alster #2

Picture of Alster #3

In order to sail we had to clean the boat of duck droppings, bail out the water, bend on the jib and main, raise the jib and main, let go of the mooring line and immediately tighten jib and main sheets and start tacking through the crowded anchorage.    


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